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GENES (Italie) - Novembre 2017 - 1S1/1ES1 Euro


On November 11th, the 1S1 and 1ES1euro group took the bus from Saint Quentin to Orly in order to take the plane to Pisa. Then the bus direction Genoa where we met our penfriends.
We spent our Sunday with families, in the evening we ate pizza together.

During the week we visited museums, churches, the historical center, palaces, the seafront, squares, and the downtown. We also worked on projects focused on Genoa.

We finished the week with a collective restaurant (pizza). It was very beautiful; we saw amazing landscapes like the seafront and the piazza de Cristoforo Colombo. There was a lot of wind but it was sunny too. We can't wait to see and host our friends in March.

Thanks to the headmaster and the awesome Mrs Mamet, Mrs Lemoine and Mr Zardet.